Friday, March 13, 2015

8 Week Writing Class at Irish Arts Center

OK, so we won't be writing on old fashioned typewriters like this and there are unlikely to be any martinis (unless of course you bring them yourself) but my writing class at the Irish Center starting in April is worth checking out all the same

I discovered a few years back that I love teaching creative writing. It makes sense, after all I love to write and I love to talk about writing.  I've been lucky enough to teach as part of the Irish Times Training Course in Dublin,  at the New York Public Library here in Manhattan and of course my students at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, many of whom are homeless.

These classes have had different students at different levels but what they all have in common is an interest and a desire to write, to learn about writing and often, to tell their own story. Writing can be an isolating business and having the opportunity to help people feel more connected with their work and to share what I have learned through writing my three novels is a really fulfilling way for me to spend a Wednesday evening. And a fun one too.

So what will the class be like? We'll cover the basic writer's toolbox - developing characters, writing effective dialogue, scene setting, beginnings, endings and just about everything in between. But I also hope to cover some of the less tangible aspects of writing and thrash around some key questions. Questions like: How do you find your own writing voice? Or how do you know if this is the right story for you? And a big important one - how do you know if you have finished, or if you have just run out of steam!

Classes start on April 15th and run every Wednesday evening from 7- 8:30pm until June 3rd. Rate is $170 for non Irish Arts Center members and of course there's a discount if you are a member of the IAC. Check out the link below and if you'd like more information before committing you can always drop me an email at

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